WordPress Custom Themes – PHP / CMS

W3techs places wordpress as powering 25% of all websites, making it the most popular CMS. (1)¬† Not only that, its success seems unsurprisingly due to functionality, rather than mere luck (although that¬†always has a role too). I can use the admin user-interface to load all my text, audio, and video content into pages and posts […]

Grunt Javascript – Workflow Asset

Grunt is a javascript based task runner, it’s processing, minification, and compilation abilities as seen running tasks like browser sync and compass let it watch my folders, then generate the new css and reload my viewing browser whenever I update a .scss file.

Bootstrap CSS

Bootstrap is one of the primary resources used to display content on the internet. It is a collection of predefined CSS classes that serve as a framework for organized, standardized, mobile friendly display, flexible display. It includes glyphyons to serve as stylized buttons (as in the menu), and perhaps most important is the grid system […]