Trivium and Quadrivium (Autodidactism)

Trivium: the three fundamental steps of linear thought.  {expand on this}

1 Grammar (Knowledge) – Label and define data
2 Logic (Understanding) – Remove contradictions and expand by implication (deductive reasoning) and scientific testing (inductive reasoning)
3 Rhetoric (Wisdom/Application) – Precise speech, warrantied for due diligence and actions informed by conclusions and values

Quadrivium: A classic model regarding the “sacred geometries” in nature, the second 4 of the 7 Liberal Arts, in order: arithmetic(number), geometry(number in space), music(number in time), and astronomy(number in space and time).  The golden ratio is said to be the mathematical underpinning of musical harmonies, physics that form stars, chemical bonds, ratio of limb size in animals, and many more applications.