Elastin as a Key Measure

Potential Vulnerability


Relevance as Vulnerability

Does not regenerate as readily as essentially any other tissue (currently vetting this claim)

“It’s a very important molecule to longevity and quality of life as you age, but your body only manufactures it under very specific conditions, and it includes a lot of hormones, and we just don’t have all those hormones long after puberty. If you’re past puberty, you can’t make any more. That’s where nature’s punishing you, elastin. “(1) – Dr. Shanahan

“I don’t believe it’s possible because I think it has to do with the fact that the DNA that makes this stuff is just basically hidden downregulated and exposed, because biology does not want us to live longer. We’ve got a clock (Dave Asprey interjects: ‘That’s why you have to hack that biology then.’) ” (1) – Dr. Shanahan

Potential Remedy

Reduce impact on elastin – tai chi, float tanks, low inflamation diet, hormone/chemical balances, self authoring, stoicism

Proper nutrition – Minerals as in, “A zinc complex was recently developed to help restore functional elastin in photodamaged and aging skin. Until this discovery, there was no method to regenerate damaged elastin and restore resiliency to photoaged skin. Studies in the murine model demonstrated the ability of this zinc complex to increase epidermal thickness, augment hypodermal fat and tropoelastin mRNA as well as increase elastin content. This article summarized the proceedings of an interactive dialogue among leading clinicians who reviewed these findings and made recommendations for future research.”(2) – The Dermatologist